Wed Jun 06 @ 7:00PM -
ANC1C Meeting
Mary's Center
2355 Ontario Road NW
Washington, DC

Anticipated agenda for the June 6 meeting:  

Minutes. The Commission will vote on minutes from the May 2 meeting. 

Committee assignments. In light of the resignations of two commissioners, the Commission will consider the assignment of sitting commissioners to the PZT Committee. 

Moratorium Zone. Consideration of a resolution to request a continuation of the Adams Morgan Moratorium Zone, including whether to expand the zone and whether to request a moratorium on new entertainment endorsements.

Extended Hours for on premise alcohol licensees. Consideration of a resolution opposing the addition of 9 days to the holiday calendar for extended hours.

Roofers Union. The Commission will consider a stipulation on hours of operation for service of alcohol at their sidewalk cafe, together with a resolution to support a stipulated license for the sidewalk cafe operation.

1834 Ontario Road. The Commission will consider action on BZA case no 19771.

Changes to bus routes 42/43 and L1/L2. The Commission will consider action on proposed route/schedule changes under consideration by WMATA. 

Washington English Center. The Commission will consider a grant request.

Hora Cultura. The Commission will consider a grant request.

Happy Hollow Pool. The Commission may consider a resolution supporting continued use of the pool this summer.

Save Our Tips Coalition.  The Commission will hear a presentation from the Save Our Tips Coalition regarding Initiative 77, which would remove the tip credit system currently in place for DC servers and bartenders.


Matters addressed at the May 2 meeting: 

Following the resignation of Commissioner Reardon as Secretary, the Commission voted Commissioner Guthrie as the new Secretary.

Minutes for the March 7 and April 4, 2018 meetings were approved.

Treasurer’s report for 1st Quarter 2018 was approved.

Councilmember Brianne Nadeau gave an update on what’s happening at City Hall.

ANC 1C took the following actions:

- voted unanimously to protest the application for a transfer of license from 2321 18th St. NW (Bourbon) to 2001 18th St. NW (The Imperial) on the bases of adverse impact on peace, order and quiet and on residential parking needs and vehicular and pedestrian safety.

- voted unanimously to hold a special forum on issues related to the Meridian International development project at 2300 16th St. NW on May 23, 2018 at 7 pm at Mary’s Center, 2355 Ontario St. NW. The Commission also voted to hold its Public Services and the Environment meeting on May 30, instead of its usual 4th Wednesday of the month.

- voted unanimously to oppose the BZA application for 1766 Lanier Place on the bases that it fails to adequately document current conditions and the scope of work, would compromise the rooftop architectural element, would add an illegal fourth story, would interfere with a neighbor’s chimney and would interfere with a neighbor’s solar panels.

- voted unanimously to support Roofers Union application for a sidewalk cafe.

- voted unanimously to support the HPRB application to remodel 1963 Biltmore St. NW with an expression of concern regarding its failure to modify the front entrance.

- voted unanimously to support removal of damaged tree box fences at selected addresses along Columbia Rd NW and 18th St. NW.

- voted unanimously to support the HPRB application to remodel the rear of 2038 Allen Place NW to enclose a sleeping porch.

- voted 5-1-0 to support application for new lighted signage at Philz Coffee.

- voted unanimously to table to the June meeting the request for support of the Climate and Community Reinvestment Act.

- voted unanimously to support the Leaf Blower Regulation Amendment Act.

- voted unanimously to support the University of the District of Columbia local funding proposal.

- voted 5-0-1 to approve the proposed language of an online 18th Street survey.

- voted unanimously to add to the agenda an item regarding 1795 Lanier Place NW on the basis that failing to do so would be adverse to the neighborhood’s interest despite the lack of adequate notice to the community. Voted unanimously to oppose a permit for 1795 Lanier Place NW and, if necessary, file an appeal with BZA regarding the Green Area Ration (GAR) calculation submitted by applicant.